Why Your Company Should Shred Documents

Posted by david on Sep 15, 2018 2:36:10 PM

Even in this era of electronic records and communication, paper documents remain plentiful in the modern workplace. Companies must maintain many physical documents to stay in compliance with laws and regulations. Because hard drives crash and backups are imperfect, it can be quite reassuring to keep your most important records in paper form. Just as you must take precautions to secure your electronic data, you should also be cautious with your paper records. Here are some good reasons why your company should shred documents:

Maintaining Privacy and Limiting Liability

First and foremost, shredding limits your civil liability if you are ever embroiled in litigation. Even if you have no reason to expect to become a defendant in a lawsuit, it is essential to take preemptive measures. Of course, you must keep all documents for the amount of time allotted by the law.

Another crucial reason to shred is to avoid unexpected revelations to the press and subsequent reputation damage. Even if the documents in question do not expose you in a legal sense, they may contain sensitive information that can cause institutional embarrassment, loss of customers, and other related issues.

It is particularly important to keep internal HR and disciplinary records safe. In the context of these changing times, once adequate HR procedures can be unfairly indicted in the demanding court of public commentary. Another reason to destroy documents is to prevent your sensitive data and trade secrets from leaking to competitors.

Why Companies Outsource Document Destruction

Now that you understand the benefits of shredding, you need to comprehend why it is a good idea to outsource your document destruction. Whether you own a small business, or you manage a larger organization, regular shredding takes up time that you may not be able to spare. Furthermore, your basic office shredder may not reduce your documents to total illegibility.

Dedicated paper shredding companies like South Bay Document Destruction ensure that documents are destroyed according to exacting, uncompromising standards. In the long run, outsourcing your document destruction usually proves to be a smart investment. Contact us through our website or call (310) 217-9985 to consult with experienced document destruction professionals today.


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