Why You Should Outsource Shredding

Posted by David Barile on Feb 4, 2020 1:04:07 PM

So you have gotten to the point that you know you should start shredding documents at your business, but you are unsure how to proceed. Most of our customers are in a very similar position when they come to us, weighing the pros and cons of asking an employee to shred sensitive material instead of reaching out to a professional company. There is much to consider, most notably under the umbrellas of security and cost, but outsourcing is nearly always the answer.

Outsourcing vs. Internal: Security

The most important aspect of shredding is maintaining all legal levels of security associated with keeping personal data. Laws like Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (also known as the FACT Act or FACTA), and Gramm-Leach Bliley (GLB) all offer specific guidelines for document and identity protection. It’s unlikely the employee you are tasking, or thinking of tasking, with shredding is an expert on the specific nuances of each law. We are experts, here to help with four decades of knowledge about keeping our clients’ data secure.

Outsourcing vs. Internal: Cost

Every minute your employees spend working on things that don’t move your business forward is a waste. You wouldn’t expect your crew to play video games while they should be diligently selling your products, so why ask them to work on shredding instead of the task at hand?

Consider it this way: When you shred documents internally, your costs are multiplied. Not only are you paying an employee to do something outside of their typical role or job description, your business is also losing money while they shred. Our team is here to shred and shred all day. It is literally our job to protect you and destroy your old documents, so why spend the extra money and time internally when you can outsource your shredding to South Bay Document Destruction?

No matter what, the decision you make should be the best for your organization. At South Bay Document Destruction, we fully believe in the security and cost-effectiveness of shredding sensitive documentation to keep all parties protected from the nefarious possibilities associated with just tossing documents in the garbage.

The experts on your staff have plenty on their plates already. No matter what field you are in, they are busy churning out work and endless amounts of paperwork that have to be properly maintained and, eventually, destroyed. Don’t let your organization’s document destruction needs distract them from doing their jobs while sacrificing security and revenue in the process.

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