The Importance of Hard Drive Destruction

Posted by David Barile on Nov 20, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Businesses and individuals should take necessary precautions for getting rid of old hard drives. Sensitive information lingers, which opens up opportunities for criminals to access vital account information that could cause a number of problems if compromised. Knowing how to prepare for and handle hard drive destruction can make the difference between keeping information secure and identity theft. Utilizing hard drive destruction services is much easier than attempting to crush a hard drive on your own. The goal is to make the data on the drive unrecoverable so no one will be able to get the information. A company specializing in hard drive destruction will be able to shred it with no chance of recovery.

Sensitive Information on Hard Drives

With so much information on the devices we use, it’s easy for cybercriminals to retrieve sensitive data. From smartphones to laptops, there is so much information that can unknowingly fall into the wrong hands. If you’re wondering what criminals can do with your stolen technology, here are a few examples:

  • Sell it
    Criminals will pay top dollar for a lost or stolen smartphone because they know how much data they can gather on someone.
  • Sell components
    Depending on the type of personal computer, selling individual components can garner a lot of money
  • Blackmail
    Blackmail for smartphones and sensitive data is growing. People get hacked and then the hackers demand a bunch of money or they will disclose the confidential information on the phone.
  • Identity theft
    Nothing hurts more than someone taking your identity, pretending to be you and using your information and accounts to cash in. This has serious ramifications which could cost you your credit and in some cases your job.

This makes the case for using consumer hard drive destruction services more important than ever.

NAID Certified Hard Drive Destruction

Using a NAID AAA certified hard drive destruction service ensures your hard drive will be properly disposed of. Data destruction service providers have an obligation to abide by security best practices. The NAID AAA certification is the most recognized and accepted data destruction operation. Companies with this certification receive a hard drive destruction certificate. This demonstrates the company has gone through the program and have been extensively trained on all certification audit procedures and requirements.

Contact South Bay Document Destruction

Knowing you have a solution to properly dispose of hard drives can provide peace of mind. Hard drive destruction costs vary, but working with a professional that is certified and offers a variety of safe and secure options such as hard drive shredding can protect businesses and consumers from identity theft and compromised information. 

With decades of experience, South Bay Document Destruction specializes in the coordination and implementation of confidential destruction programs that fit customer needs. Using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, they are able to manage destruction services for all industries. For more information on professional hard drive destruction services, contact the team at South Bay Document Destruction today!

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