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Posted by david on May 15, 2017 11:22:56 AM

Trust is hands down the most important value in clients relations when owning a company that deals with sensitive documents. If clients do not trust you with their sensitive documents, they will take their business elsewhere. At South Bay Document Destruction, we know how important  trust is between you and your clients; we work to help you build that trust. We provide our clients with impeccable paper shredding services and guarantee our clients' privacy. Read on to learn why South Bay Document Destruction is considered the best Orange county paper shredding service.


We Work With You | Best Orange County Paper Shredding Service

At South Bay Document Destruction, we take the extra step to secure your documents through their entire life cycle, from the time documents are discarded and even after destruction.  We understand that our customers may have apprehensions with handing off their sensitive documents to a stranger; that is why we go the extra step! We screen all our employees when hired and then continuously throughout their employment; we make sure our employees are always someone you can trust.  We use a state of the art surveillance system in all our vehicles and our facility, so we can always track your documents throughout our service.  And, we customize our service to meet the needs of our customers; for your convenience, we have numerous options for destruction.  Our first option is on-site, witnessed destruction at your home, office or storage unit.  Second, we offer offsite destruction services which includes us loading up your sensitive documents into a secure vehicle and shredding at our facility.  Last but not least, we welcome the public to stop by our facility anytime during normal business hours for drop off shredding service which is quick, easy and most importantly secure.



The management of your sensitive documents can either make you or break you. At South Bay Document Destruction security is always our first priority. We are certified from National Association for Information Destruction and no matter how many documents that we receive, each document is important. We make it our mission for our clients to feel safe with our services, which is why we guarantee that all documents given to us are completely destroyed. Trust South Bay Document Destruction with your sensitive documents  for the best Orange County paper shredding service.


Don't let anyone ruin the reputation of you or your business!  Trust South Bay Document Destruction to make sure the safe disposal of your documents goes off without a hitch. Go to our website for free estimate or call us today at 310-217-9985.



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