Properly Disposing of Confidential Documents

Make this year, the year that you finally stick to your New Year's Resolution and declutter. From your home to your office, chances are, you’ve held onto hundreds of old documents and files that you no longer have any use for. Whether it is old phone bills or an outdated credit card statement, properly disposing of old documents not only clears up space but also protects you from becoming a victim of fraud or identity theft.

Your Business Needs Professional Shredding in Los Angeles

As the year comes to an end and you get ready to start another quarter or business year, it is time for you to start thinking about the documents you have in storage again. Periodic cleanups of your office can help you prevent feeling overwhelmed by old paperwork, and it allows you to destroy documentation you no longer need to hold onto for your business. The longer paperwork lays around, the greater at risk you become for security leaks and problems. Now is the perfect time for you to consider the professional shredding in Los Angeles we at South Bay Document Destruction can provide for your business.

Is Off Site Shredding the Best Answer for You?

Document shredding is a standard part of any business today. It not only is necessary to help you protect your information but in some businesses, legal regulations require that documents be shredded properly for privacy and security reasons. With that in mind, you need to find an efficient way to get rid of the documents at your facility that you no longer need to hold. There are options available to you when it comes to shredding, including doing it yourself, getting a mobile service to come to your location or letting a service take your documents away for shredding. You need to decide if off site shredding is the best answer for you to suit your needs before you make a final decision.

Confidential Shredding For Sensitive Documents

Managing documents with sensitive information is an everyday task for most businesses, these days.  Shredding is the proper way to dispose of sensitive information so that no unsavory characters get their hands on information that could wreak havoc on your business, customers and even employees. Confidentiality and security is a must for any business; however, keeping information private is not as straightforward as it seems and most employees receive little or no information security training. At South Bay Document Destruction we work with companies to ensure that their confidential documents remain secure before they are destroyed. Read on to learn more about why South Bay Document Destruction provides the best confidential shredding for sensitive documents.

Onsite Document Destruction Service

These days, every business has sensitive information about themselves or their customers that could cause real damage if they information fell into the wrong hands. The mishandling of documents that contain valuable information about your clients can result in a mountain of lawsuits, not to mention negative word of mouth. It may be tempting to try and destroy the documents yourself to save money.  However, many employees tasked with the responsibility of destroying sensitive documents will rush through the process and end up leaving sensitive documents exposed to the world and not completely destroyed; which is why it is essential to trust a professional document destruction service with your company’s sensitive documents. Read on to learn more about why South Bay Document Destruction is the best onsite document destruction service that your customer can use for their security.

The Best Orange County Paper Shredding Service

Trust is hands down the most important value in clients relations when owning a company that deals with sensitive documents. If clients do not trust you with their sensitive documents, they will take their business elsewhere. At South Bay Document Destruction, we know how important  trust is between you and your clients; we work to help you build that trust. We provide our clients with impeccable paper shredding services and guarantee our clients' privacy. Read on to learn why South Bay Document Destruction is considered the best Orange county paper shredding service.

Document Shredding Services That You Can Trust

Your business deals with sensitive information on a regular basis, it is crucial to have a secure method of disposing this information, efficiently. If sensitive information that your business was trusted with gets into the wrong hands, your company can be slapped with a lawsuit that can ruin your company. At South Bay Document Destruction we secure your sensitive documents so that your clients can trust you've taken every possible step to keep them safe. Read on to learn why South Bay Document Destruction is the best document shredding service for your company’s sensitive documents.

Document Shredding Needs to be Part of Every Records Management Plan

We hear about it all the time: fraud, theft and data breaches occur in business organizations and government agencies because proper security procedures were not established or followed. The last thing you want is your reputation to get ruined because client information, contracts, employee information or documents related to dealings you have with government agencies was made public and could have been avoided if you'd just included document shredding in your organization's record's management plan.