How Secure is Your Business's Data?

Data security has always been important for businesses. Nearly every owner has gone out of their way to keep their trade secrets under wraps. But in today's day and age, the pressure to keep data safe has never been higher. This is true for virtual information, but it's also true for physical media as well. From credit card security codes to passwords, your reputation and livelihood can be destroyed by just one breach. An employee who absentmindedly writes down information on a notepad and then throws it away can be all it takes to unravel an entire organization. Information can be found, recorded, and traded by criminals for any number of reasons, making it a high-ticket item that you can't afford to ignore. 

The Importance of Document Destruction and Schedule Retention

In today’s climate of identity theft, it’s important to dispose of sensitive documents the right way. There are many options for document destruction but having a solution that allows you to monitor what’s going on can save time and money. Partnering with a mobile shredding services company can provide peace of mind and assist your risk management team in ensuring the process is smooth and confidentiality is protected.

How to Digitize Your Business with South Bay Document Destruction

One of the safest ways to store and secure sensitive data is by digitizing it. A managed hosting data center will keep your information where it is accessible anytime, anywhere. Many businesses opt for this type of storage because the documents cannot be destroyed in a fire or storm. Digital versions of documents are easier to access and provides flexibility. Here are additional reasons to digitize your organization’s data: