How to Keep HIPAA Compliant With Scheduled Shredding Service


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 aims to keep medical records and other personal health information secure — especially in this age of rapid technological development. Also known as HIPAA, this groundbreaking legislation has dramatically streamlined the transition from paper-based to electronic records while also improving the efficiency of a variety of other health care administrative functions.

3 Ways You Can Shred with South Bay Document Destruction


We at South Bay Document Destruction make it easy for you to have your documents professionally shredded. You are able to choose from mobile shredding, onsite shredding services, or take advantage of our drop-off services. We also offer shredding for digital media and x-rays. South Bay Shredding also provides product destruction, including the destruction of discontinued products and product overruns.

Confidential Shredding For Sensitive Documents

Managing documents with sensitive information is an everyday task for most businesses, these days.  Shredding is the proper way to dispose of sensitive information so that no unsavory characters get their hands on information that could wreak havoc on your business, customers and even employees. Confidentiality and security is a must for any business; however, keeping information private is not as straightforward as it seems and most employees receive little or no information security training. At South Bay Document Destruction we work with companies to ensure that their confidential documents remain secure before they are destroyed. Read on to learn more about why South Bay Document Destruction provides the best confidential shredding for sensitive documents.