South Bay Document Destruction: Scanning

Posted by david on Apr 18, 2018 5:26:50 PM

Document destruction is an important part of owning a business. Without it, your business can be left open to a catastrophic data breach. There are many ways to protect your business from a data breach, including having all of your paper documents scanned and converted to online documents.

Why Choose Scanning?

Scanning is a way to cut down on your carbon footprint, eliminate clutter, increase organization, and also as a way to keep your business protected from the chance falling victim to a data breach.


Decrease your Carbon Footprint and Eliminate Clutter

Physical records use a lot of paper. By switching all of your paper documents over to electronic versions, you eliminate the clutter that comes with paper records. By making the switch to digital records, you gain the room associated with removing all of those files and file cabinets, but you also gain the new processes to continue to input your files online.


Increase Organization

When you make the switch to scanning, you also gain access to an organizational program that will make finding these records much easier for you and for your employees. All documents that are scanned using our system are batch indexed. This saves you time and helps you gain the organization that you desire. Our scanning services comes with bonuses such as data extraction as well as enhanced integration. Although your staff may be able to slowly scan documents, organizing documents in this manner would take your staff months if not years.


Keep your Business Safe

The number one reason that utilizing scanning services is important to your business is to keep your documents safe and your confidential information confidential. By switching all of your records over to an online platform you gain the added security measures associated with online records and protect your business further from a potential data breach.


Wondering what to do with all of your paper documents after they have been converted to digital format? Dispose of them in a safe and proper way with our destruction services! Don’t want to destroy them quite yet? Not a problem! We also offer safe and secure records storage.


If you’re looking for document shredding services in California, contact SBDD today! We are a document shredding company that offers several different document shredding services to meet your needs while keeping your business safe.

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