What You Need To Know About Hard Drive Shredding

Posted by david on Feb 27, 2018 8:53:10 AM

If you are getting rid of an old hard drive, simply throwing it out is not a secure method. Hard drives store large amounts of data such as emails, invoices, and other internal documents that can be easily accessed by hackers. In order to ensure that private data cannot be retrieved by outside personnel, it is important to go through a professional company to properly dispose of your documents.

What is Hard Drive Shredding?

Hard drive shredding is used to destroy files off of a computer’s hard drive. The computer hard drive is an internal storage device that assists the computer with storing important programs, files, and other data, and it is usually a part of the modem. A machine known as a hard drive shredder is used to physically destroy old hard drives from the computer when you get rid of it. At South Bay Document Destruction, we offer our hard drive shredding service for both internal hard drives and external hard drive units. Hard drive shredding is impossible to complete with a DIY shredder and requires specialized equipment and machinery to get the job done.

Why Should You Shred Your Hard Drive?

Since computer hard drives store important programs and files, there may be sensitive data that hackers would like to gain access to. Although many individuals and companies resort to simply deleting files off the hard drive, they fail to consider the fact that digital copies of these files may still be floating around within the drive. A motivated hacker could easily access these digital copies and use them for a variety of unethical purposes. Moreover, sensitive data on hard drives can be readily available for theft if it is not protected and effectively destroyed. If sensitive data and information reach the wrong hands, it can cause a huge liability issue for the company, and can negatively impact its staff and employees. For these reasons, it is extremely important to call the professionals at South Bay Document Destruction to properly destroy your hard drive.

How Does Hard Drive Shredding Work?

The purpose of a hard drive shredding machine is to destroy the platter that is located inside the hard drive. Getting rid of the platter is an important step because this is where important files, programs, and other sensitive data are stored. It destroys the root of these files. Once the platter is destroyed, the hard drive itself will be shredded into minuscule particles. In a hard drive shredder, the metal is forced through a series of screens and cutters, causing the hard drive to break apart, making the data unrecoverable. The resulting pieces are highly likely to be toxic, so standard environmental precautions must be taken. It is beneficial to go through a professional company because these precautions are foreseen and managed. It is also important to note that hard drive shredding involves physically destroying the hard drive. Rather than overwriting the data on the hard drive or simply reformatting it, physically destroying it ensures that the data cannot be retrievable. Many companies take shortcuts and offer hard drive shredding services that overwrite the files with unreadable data. This is not a secure method because professional hackers may still be able to retrieve the original files.

Hard Drive Shredding Services at South Bay Document Destruction

If you are interested in professionally destroying your computer’s hard drives, consider contacting us at South Bay Document Destruction. We offer confidential and secure hard drive shredding services. Our company ensures that hard drives are completely and correctly destroyed, before discarding the remains in a secure location. If you require additional security, you may keep the hard drive in your possession until they are destroyed. South Bay Document Destruction also offers mobile hard drive shredding services. Our professional team will travel to your location and destroy your hard drive on site. We are committed to ensuring security for your business. By using the latest secure technology and qualified professionals, we will ensure that your hard drive is successfully destroyed to ensure that the data is not accessible by hackers.

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