You Know it is Time for Purge Shredding

Posted by david on Jun 9, 2017 10:29:14 AM

There comes a time in any business or office where you realize you may have more paperwork around than you know what to do with. While there is always a need to store certain important documents for a period safely, there is also a time where you can dispose of your old records and paperwork without worry. Look around your office and in your storage areas and see if there is a stockpile of paperwork building up and you will know it is time for you to act. Now is as good a time as any for you to schedule purge shredding for your office, and  South Bay Document Destruction is the best company to assist you with your efforts.

When to Shred

Many businesses often take care of their document shredding on an annual basis. They may want until the end of the year passes and then dispose of the old records that have aged out from that timeframe. Of course, doing this at the end of the year is not mandatory; you can certainly take care of any shredding you may want to do at any time during the year. The important thing you want to remember is to make sure that the destruction of your documents is properly handled so that records are destroyed and not simply thrown away. Tossing out documents that hold important information could leave you vulnerable to theft of information and fraud.

Shredding the Right Way

To make sure your shred is done properly, you want to hire us at South Bay Document Destruction. We are destruction service specialists and can take care of all of your needs for you. We have all the best equipment and technology at our disposal so we can safely and properly dispose of your old records, destroying them thoroughly and removing them from the premises. We can do on-site or off-site shredding for you, whichever is best for you, to get the job done securely and efficiently.

Find Out about Our Services

The next time you are making plans for purge shredding, make sure you contact us at South Bay Document Destruction. You can find out more about all the destruction services we offer when you visit our website at You may also call us at 310-217-9985 to discuss your needs and arrange to get a free estimate for the work you need to be performed so you can set everything up to get rid of all your old paperwork.


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