Keeping Your Identify Safe with Document Destruction

Posted by david on Jul 20, 2018 10:16:57 PM

To shred or not to shred, that is the question. When it comes to your identity, you shouldn’t take any chances to let a criminal steal yours. To prevent identity theft, the best way you can protect yourself is to shred any documents that might make you vulnerable to this kind of attack. Document destruction is the easiest solution to offer you security for your identity and peace of mind.

Documents Containing Personal Information

Any kind of documentation that includes personal information should be protected. This includes specific details about you like your full name, date of birth, social security number, phone number, address, and driver’s license number. Before you toss these items in the trash, be sure to shred them first.

  • Expired passports, visas, or driver’s licenses
  • Pay stubs
  • Any mail received from the government
  • Medical and dental records

Documents Containing Account or Financial Information

Although it may seem obvious, it’s especially important to shred documents and paperwork that might include any kind of financial information. Account information, including pin numbers, credit card numbers, user names, and more should be disposed of in a secure manner.

  • Bank and credit card statements
  • ATM receipts
  • Credit reports
  • Tax documents (outside the period of limitations)
  • Utility, cell phone, and internet bills

Other Ordinary Household Documents

Some documents may be less obvious, though. In fact, there are likely a dozen items around your home that offer up valuable information for a potential thief. Any receipts or documents that may be tied to your account information, past experiences, or even medical history through the use of your name can be used maliciously.

  • Boarding passes
  • Prescriptions labels
  • Resumes
  • Extra birth announcements and funeral pamphlets

It may seem unlikely that criminals would rifle through your trash, uncover a receipt for your last dental appointment, and find a way to steal your identity with it, but they can, and they will. Before you think to throw away another seemingly insignificant piece of mail or other paperwork, you may want to reconsider. Instead, choose a document destruction service near you and dispose of them safely and securely.

South Bay Document Destruction, we are committed to the security of your identity. Contact us online or at 310-217-9985 to discuss your destruction needs so that your documents will no longer be vulnerable.


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