How to Declutter Your Workspace and Why You Should

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Work is where you spend a lot of your time. An average desk job requires spending over 40 hours a week at a desk in an office. Since people spend so much time in these offices and at these desks, mess and clutter can quickly accumulate in the workspace. Looking to change the way your office runs and the way your office looks? Here’s how to declutter your workspace and why you should:

Why Should I Declutter My Workspace?

There are many different reasons why decluttering your workspace is beneficial. From increasing productivity to improving happiness; there are many motivators for decluttering your workspace.

Increase Productivity

Decluttering your workspace is a large part of increasing your level of productivity. When you are organized you will know where all your supplies and documents are. This means that you can access information quicker, and subsequently finish jobs in a more timely manner. A clean and organized workspace also increases productivity because it improves your mood. After being cleaned, a workspace may feel cleansed or calmer, which can result in a fresh start and motivated feeling.

Avoid Data Breaches

Another important aspect of decluttering your workspace is to improve security and avoid data breaches. Leaving paperwork out for people to see, read, or even take, is a large security risk. If this information falls into the wrong hands you could be facing detrimental data breaches that could result in identity theft and other serious issues. By keeping your workspace area clean and tidy, you can help prevent a disaster from occuring.

Improve Happiness

There are many studies that show that a clean space improves happiness. Not only will you find happiness in the pride you feel after decluttering your workspace, you will also find happiness in the details. Whether you opt to purchase trinkets or cute organizational products, these little aspects can really help improve your mood at work. Tip: Add a bright color to the room or some photos of friends or family to make the space your own. This will make it seem less like a workspace and more like a personal space.

Advance your Career

Many people don’t think about it, but your workspace says a lot about who you are as a person. This means that if you have a clean and tidy workspace, your fellow employees may view you differently. It may simply be that they will see you as a clean and organized person, but they may also view your organized space as a sign that you are on top of your responsibilities and excelling at your job. Sometimes a pile of paperwork scattered across a desk can make it appear as though you’re drowning in work. Beyond your coworkers, your superiors may also view you differently when you maintain a tidy and organized workspace. This could prove to them that you take your job seriously and potentially advance you in your career!


How Can I Declutter My Workspace?


There are many ways to declutter your workspace. Every work space is different, but there are similarities in the ways that you can declutter each and every one.

Removing Old Paperwork

Removing old paperwork and documents is a great way to start decluttering your workspace. It is important, however, not to just throw away documentation as you are decluttering your old paperwork. In order to avoid fraud or information falling into the wrong hands, you must ensure that all your documents are properly shredded in a document destruction facility.


Beyond removing the unnecessary items in your workspace, a lot of decluttering comes with organization. Sometimes decluttering is not as easy as just throwing out or shredding old paperwork. Organizing your office can be time consuming, but it is the best way to organize your workspace and keep it organized for an extended period of time. Organization is more than just a bandaid, it is a lifestyle change that will transform the way you function in your workspace.


What We Do

At South Bay Document Destruction, we take care of all of your security needs. We have been serving the community for over 40 years, providing each client with customized confidential destruction programs that meet their needs. Whether the job is big or small, our experts are the right choice and the choice you can trust.


Our Services

We have many different services that we offer in order to provide all of our customers with the perfect service to meet their unique needs.

Document Destruction

Looking to get rid of sensitive documents? The team at South Bay Document Destruction can help! We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best services that keep their documents safe, secure, and confidential. Our facilities and trucks come with state of the art cameras that provide you with the peace of mind you desire. We offer onsite, offsite, drop-off service, and product destruction to better serve you.

Hard Drive Shredding

Paper documents aren’t the only thing that hold sensitive information. Removing information off of a hard drive is not as simple as just hitting the delete button. Even after you have deleted a file off of a hard drive, the file can still be found if the right individual is looking. That’s why it’s important to have your hard drive shredded instead of just throwing it away when you are done with it. This will help you avoid liability, fraud, identity theft, and much more.

Security Containers

If you decide to dispose of your documents in your office and have our team retrieve them for shredding, we can provide you with security containers. These containers range in size, but all operate in a similar fashion. All the individual has to do is deposit the document they would like to dispose of in the slot. The security container can only be emptied with a lock and key, which only our staff have. This means that you can rest assured that your private and confidential documents won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Records Storage

Have documents that you can’t shred yet but that you don’t have room to keep in your workplace? Not a problem. At South Bay Document Destruction we offer records storage in our safe and secure document storage facility. We ensure all our clients documents are constantly monitored and kept safe in our temperature controlled and secure vaults.


If you’re looking to declutter your workspace the above tips can help you succeed. If you need any document shredding or document destruction services, the experts at South Bay Document Destruction can help. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients information safe, secure, and confidential so that from the moment we arrive at the job you can rest assured your information is safe. If you’d like to learn more about our services, call us today at or visit our website.

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