How Secure is Your Business's Data?

Posted by David Barile on Jan 3, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Data security has always been important for businesses. Nearly every owner has gone out of their way to keep their trade secrets under wraps. But in today's day and age, the pressure to keep data safe has never been higher. This is true for virtual information, but it's also true for physical media as well. From credit card security codes to passwords, your reputation and livelihood can be destroyed by just one breach. An employee who absentmindedly writes down information on a notepad and then throws it away can be all it takes to unravel an entire organization. Information can be found, recorded, and traded by criminals for any number of reasons, making it a high-ticket item that you can't afford to ignore. 

Customer Data Protection

When your customers entrust you with their data, there are only so many chances you can take. While customers do have some degree of protection from identity theft, the resulting hassle can be enough to turn anyone off from the company who sustained the breach. Now is a good time to look into the protections that are currently in place and how they stack up to the needs of the day. It may also be prudent to review your privacy policy to see if there are any gaps in the protocol. In your policies, let customers know exactly which measures you're taking to protect them and why these tactics are the best ways to keep their information under lock and key. If you're using mobile shredding services, describe the process to customers so they understand what's happening to their data (and when). 

Schedule Retention and Document Destruction

Document destruction can be a tricky matter for companies. On one hand, they want to keep physical copies on hand in case their systems fail or their back-up drives are destroyed. Companies may also be required to keep physical copies for a certain period of time for legal reasons. However, document destruction can also open up liability for companies and potentially expose them to a loss of data. Company officials may also worry about preemptively destroying something that they may need later on.

A retention schedule can help alleviate some of these anxieties. This approach includes listing the records you produce, the specific retention period for each document, and the exact disposal methods for different types of documents. If you're looking for how to secure information in an organization, this can be the best way to stay organized. When employees have questions, they can refer to the schedule and follow instructions. 

Contact South Bay Document Destruction 

South Bay Document Destruction understands the true value of the information your business collects. It's why we offer mobile shredding services that vastly reduce the risks of a potential data leak. When your documents are shredded on-site, you maintain a certain degree of control from beginning to end. It also gives you insight into how you store information and why it's so important to take the extra steps to protect it. If you have questions about how our services can help you keep your information safe, give us a call today to learn more about how we take extra precautions to keep your business safe. 

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