Document Shredding Needs to be Part of Every Records Management Plan

Posted by david on Apr 21, 2017 10:50:12 AM

We hear about it all the time: fraud, theft and data breaches occur in business organizations and government agencies because proper security procedures were not established or followed. The last thing you want is your reputation to get ruined because client information, contracts, employee information or documents related to dealings you have with government agencies was made public and could have been avoided if you'd just included document shredding in your organization's record's management plan.

Hiring an Outside Service

The best and most secure way to make sure your organization's records remain private is is to hire a professional document destruction company that specializes in records management to do the work for you. While you may think you can save time and money by shredding the documents on your own in the office, there are risks involved with this.  Office shredders break down very easily and shred documents into large pieces which are very easy to put back together.  You also need to devote a lot of time and resources to a job like this on your own, something you may not have the manpower to do when you're trying to meet a deadline.  A professional service like South Bay Document Destruction can do the job for you quickly, easily and securely.

Using the Right Approach

At South Bay Document Destruction, we know how important it is that records shredding is done the right way. We offer complete destruction services either at your facility or at our location, we offer the option of witnessed destruction as well as off-site destruction. In either instance, all of your documents are handled with the greatest of care, and we are wholly committed to the security of your organization. We offer the latest in technology and equipment to handle destruction processes and all of our professionals are highly trained, experienced and bonded.

Protect Your Information Correctly

To take steps to protect your information and get all your records shredding done the right way, contact us at South Bay Document Destruction. You can call our offices at 310-217-9985 and speak with a member of our staff so you can discuss the specific needs you have and we can present you with the best options available to work with you on the destruction of your records.


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