Do You Have a Product Recall Plan?

Posted by david on Aug 20, 2018 9:25:09 AM

The name of the game when it comes to product recalls is risk management. The product itself is almost irrelevant when you consider the big picture and most importantly how to protect your company from lawsuits. Luckily there are document shredding services that also specialize in the destruction of many other products. There are document destruction companies that will also destroy products such as beauty and makeup products, defective toys, clothes, machinery, computer parts, books, and more.

By having defective products destroyed, you are ensuring that no one can be inadvertently injured, that your company is protected, and that any bad press from the initial recall is turned into good press as a result of your company's proactive response to protect consumers.

Having a Plan of Action

Before a recall actually happens and you have to call a document destruction service, it is best to have a plan of action in place to maximize effectiveness and minimize costs. There are a few steps involved in streamlining the process.

  • Track product data ahead of time. Product recalls require intensive data sifting to figure out what went where so it can be shipped back. If your recordkeeping is lackluster, this can become an almost impossible task.
  • Established a specific recall plan ahead of time. This needs to include how recalled products will be shipped, who will ship them, where will they be shipped, and which product and document shredding company will do the work.
  • Run a mock recall. The best way to know if your system works is to test it ahead of time to find the holes and missteps.
  • Don't forget your supply-chain partners. Depending on who you deal with, some outlets won't have any protocols in place to deal with a recall. Be prepared to do some extra heavy lifting.
  • Understand the recall standards for your industry. The best weapon in dealing with product recalls is knowledge. Understanding why a recall is happening is as important as knowing how to deal with it. It will also help to avoid any future mishaps.

When you have a defective item that is no longer suitable for consumer consumption, that product should be destroyed for both safety and liability purposes. Thankfully, there are simple solutions for dealing with recalled products.

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