Confidential Shredding For Sensitive Documents

Posted by david on May 16, 2017 4:00:23 AM

Managing documents with sensitive information is an everyday task for most businesses, these days.  Shredding is the proper way to dispose of sensitive information so that no unsavory characters get their hands on information that could wreak havoc on your business, customers and even employees. Confidentiality and security is a must for any business; however, keeping information private is not as straightforward as it seems and most employees receive little or no information security training. At South Bay Document Destruction we work with companies to ensure that their confidential documents remain secure before they are destroyed. Read on to learn more about why South Bay Document Destruction provides the best confidential shredding for sensitive documents.


Security is Critical | Confidential Shredding For Sensitive Documents

When handling the sensitive information of others, it is important that you dispose of their documents with care. The mishandling of confidential documents can cause otherwise respectable businesses to be slapped with lawsuits and heavy fines. At South Bay Document Destruction not only do we help businesses avoid these problems, we ensure the security of our customer’s documents from start to finish. Our state of the art security surveillance system monitors our entire facility around the clock, 24/7; all our vehicles are equipped with security cameras as well, ensuring your documents and our associates are continuously monitored until the moment your documents are destroyed. Trust South Bay Document Destruction to provide you with confidential shredding for sensitive documents.



At South Bay Document Destruction, we understand that running a business can be incredibly hectic which is why we provide our customers with a variety of methods to dispose of their confidential documents. We are happy to provide our customers with witnessed destruction services at their home, office or even storage centers.  If space and time make witnessed destruction too difficult, we're happy to pick your documents up and shred them at our location where we shred thousands of pounds of paper ever hour.  Last, if you have the means to stop by our location, drop off your documents, we can shred them right  in front of you with no appointment necessary. Trust South Bay Document Destruction to cover your confidential shredding needs.


Make sure that the reputation of your company remains intact with a trustworthy and dependable document shredding service to securely dispose of all of your sensitive documents. Trust South Bay Document Destruction to make sure the safe disposal of your documents goes off without a hitch. Go to our website for free estimate or call us today at 310-217-9985.





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