Why Your Business Can Benefit From Professional Record Storage Services

Posted by david on Mar 20, 2018 11:03:43 PM

In today’s day and age, security breaches and identity theft have become increasingly more common. Many businesses simply do not have the resources or expertise when it comes to properly managing information. Company files and physical documents often contain such important and confidential information that if leaked, could have detrimental effects on your company and it’s personnel.

Why should I trust leaving my documents with a professional record storage service?

Regardless of the industry you’re in, there is no doubt that you hold a lot of documents containing confidential information for your employees, your clients, and your business. Whether they’re files containing phone numbers, credit card information, addresses, or social insurance numbers, simply leaving such data out in the open can leave your business susceptible to risk. Here are a few ways that your business can benefit from using a professional records management service.

Increased Security and Protection

Did you know that poor security and protection of confidential records is the number one leading cause of corporate fraud, identity theft, and security breaches? As a business, this means that you could be leaving important documents out in the open and vulnerable to theft. Whether it’s in unlocked filing cabinets, on a pile on your desk, or on an electronic database that is unmonitored, you could find yourself easily falling victim to a breach. Rid yourself of the liability with the help of a professional record storage service. These services typically offer camera surveillance, perimeter security, and fire suppression services.

Easy Access When Needed

When it comes to retrieving your files, sifting through filing cabinets filled with hundreds of documents can be tedious and time consuming. Professional records storage services offer ways to streamline file retrieval processes. If you need to retrieve a file, these services make it easy!

Save Money In The Long-Run

Lastly, a professional record storage service can save you money in the long-run. Think about it. Over the years, you have accumulated thousands of files. Purchasing additional office space to store your files, data, and documents is costly. Who will manage and sort through all these files when you need to retrieve them? This is a job for a full-time records manager, which of course only costs you more money in the long-run.

A professional records storage service eliminates your chances of a security breach, saves you money, and provides reliable off-site document storage and management. Rest easy and give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your business’ data is in safe and secure hands.

Why Choose South Bay Document Destruction?

South Bay Document Destruction is an industry leader when it comes to ensuring that your documents don’t fall into the wrong hands. Check out these advantages of working with us!


At SBDD, we offer:

  • Convenient 24 hour customer care
  • Cloud storage
  • Temperature controlled, secured vaults
  • Robust servers for the storage of large inventory
  • Protected delivery and pick-up services with bonded drivers and secured vehicles
  • Consultations with our professionals to build a custom solution
  • Quick and secure transfers of your items to the South Bay Document Destruction facility
  • Cutting-edge technology which provides quick access for retrieval
  • State-of-the-art tracking services for your stored inventory


So why wouldn’t you trust an industry leader with all of your document security needs? Contact South Bay Document Destruction at 310-217-9985 or stop by our location in Gardena, California to learn more about our professional records management service and other services we offer!

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