How Secure is Your Business's Data?

Data security has always been important for businesses. Nearly every owner has gone out of their way to keep their trade secrets under wraps. But in today's day and age, the pressure to keep data safe has never been higher. This is true for virtual information, but it's also true for physical media as well. From credit card security codes to passwords, your reputation and livelihood can be destroyed by just one breach. An employee who absentmindedly writes down information on a notepad and then throws it away can be all it takes to unravel an entire organization. Information can be found, recorded, and traded by criminals for any number of reasons, making it a high-ticket item that you can't afford to ignore. 

The Importance of Document Destruction and Schedule Retention

In today’s climate of identity theft, it’s important to dispose of sensitive documents the right way. There are many options for document destruction but having a solution that allows you to monitor what’s going on can save time and money. Partnering with a mobile shredding services company can provide peace of mind and assist your risk management team in ensuring the process is smooth and confidentiality is protected.

The Importance of Hard Drive Destruction

Businesses and individuals should take necessary precautions for getting rid of old hard drives. Sensitive information lingers, which opens up opportunities for criminals to access vital account information that could cause a number of problems if compromised. Knowing how to prepare for and handle hard drive destruction can make the difference between keeping information secure and identity theft. Utilizing hard drive destruction services is much easier than attempting to crush a hard drive on your own. The goal is to make the data on the drive unrecoverable so no one will be able to get the information. A company specializing in hard drive destruction will be able to shred it with no chance of recovery.

How to Digitize Your Business with South Bay Document Destruction

One of the safest ways to store and secure sensitive data is by digitizing it. A managed hosting data center will keep your information where it is accessible anytime, anywhere. Many businesses opt for this type of storage because the documents cannot be destroyed in a fire or storm. Digital versions of documents are easier to access and provides flexibility. Here are additional reasons to digitize your organization’s data:

How to Keep HIPAA Compliant With Scheduled Shredding Service


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 aims to keep medical records and other personal health information secure — especially in this age of rapid technological development. Also known as HIPAA, this groundbreaking legislation has dramatically streamlined the transition from paper-based to electronic records while also improving the efficiency of a variety of other health care administrative functions.

How to Destroy a Hard Drive: Professional Destruction Services

When it first became popular to have computers in the home, you didn’t have to worry about destroying sensitive data on hard drives. Now that almost everyone has some form of computer, whether it’s a PC, Apple product, cell phone, copier or tablet, you can do just about anything on the computer, including banking and paying bills. Businesses allow you to access your accounts online, including medical accounts. Many people shop online and store their credit card information on a business’s servers. Thus, it is vital that you take hard drive destruction seriously or you could find your identity stolen.

3 Ways You Can Shred with South Bay Document Destruction


We at South Bay Document Destruction make it easy for you to have your documents professionally shredded. You are able to choose from mobile shredding, onsite shredding services, or take advantage of our drop-off services. We also offer shredding for digital media and x-rays. South Bay Shredding also provides product destruction, including the destruction of discontinued products and product overruns.

8 Benefits of Digitizing Data for Your Business

Businesses are always looking for more ways to increase productivity. As a company grows, it generates more paperwork. In order to deal with the growing amount of paperwork without sacrificing production, a company must have an efficient document management system in place. A digitized system can save space and time that could be spent on more important tasks than filing and searching through mountains of documents.

Why Your Company Should Shred Documents

Even in this era of electronic records and communication, paper documents remain plentiful in the modern workplace. Companies must maintain many physical documents to stay in compliance with laws and regulations. Because hard drives crash and backups are imperfect, it can be quite reassuring to keep your most important records in paper form. Just as you must take precautions to secure your electronic data, you should also be cautious with your paper records. Here are some good reasons why your company should shred documents:

Do You Have a Product Recall Plan?

The name of the game when it comes to product recalls is risk management. The product itself is almost irrelevant when you consider the big picture and most importantly how to protect your company from lawsuits. Luckily there are document shredding services that also specialize in the destruction of many other products. There are document destruction companies that will also destroy products such as beauty and makeup products, defective toys, clothes, machinery, computer parts, books, and more.

The Link Between HIPAA and Document Destruction

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was a very important measure for securing health care eligibility and access to millions of Americans across the country, including retirees and those with existing medical conditions. Along with this expansion in health care requirements for insurance providers came a comprehensive privacy clause, meant to protect patients from third parties who may gain access to protected health information which could, in turn, leave them in a compromising position. What defines "protected health information" is very broad and includes any personal information pertaining to the patient, including where they live, their medical history and their payment history.

Keeping Your Identify Safe with Document Destruction

To shred or not to shred, that is the question. When it comes to your identity, you shouldn’t take any chances to let a criminal steal yours. To prevent identity theft, the best way you can protect yourself is to shred any documents that might make you vulnerable to this kind of attack. Document destruction is the easiest solution to offer you security for your identity and peace of mind.

The Best and Worst Ways to Destroy a Hard Drive

In today’s increasingly digital world, it seems as though our whole lives are recorded. No longer are office buildings filled with paperwork, folders, and filing cabinets, but rather with hard drives and invisible files in the ‘cloud’.

Some of the largest organizations in the world rely on digital files to contain some of their most valuable and confidential information. Employee records, patents, financial records, and more are now stored on hard drives.

How to Declutter Your Workspace and Why You Should

Work is where you spend a lot of your time. An average desk job requires spending over 40 hours a week at a desk in an office. Since people spend so much time in these offices and at these desks, mess and clutter can quickly accumulate in the workspace. Looking to change the way your office runs and the way your office looks? Here’s how to declutter your workspace and why you should:

Why Should My Company Shred Its Documents?

Are you the owner of a business? This means that there’s a lot of different tasks you must ensure your staff complete on a daily basis. One of these tasks is maintaining the integrity of your business by ensuring all your customers’ private and confidential materials stay safe. Beyond this, you must also ensure that all of your information stays safe and out of reach of those who could use it against your business. But how do you ensure both occur? It’s simple. You must shred all private and confidential documents.

Decluttering Your Office

Do you own an office? An office is where you work and where important information regarding your work is stored. All of the paperwork can quickly add up, leaving you with more of a storage facility than an office space. There is a way to avoid this; by decluttering! This blog features the many different benefits of decluttering your office space, as well as how you can achieve a clean space!

Data Security Tips For Tax Season

It’s one of the busiest times of the year - tax season! While it is very important to file your taxes before the deadline, it is also important to ensure that you take the proper precautions when doing so.

In the past, you might not have had any problems with filing your taxes. However, with the growing use and ease of the internet, identity thieves are finding new and unique ways to gather your personal information when you least expect it.

How Your Company Can Protect Itself From the Possibility of a Data Breach

A data breach is an incident in which sensitive or confidential data has been accessed or disclosed in an unauthorized manner. Data breaches can be extremely problematic for any company. Whether you have a small, medium, or large business, it is important to take measures to protect your company from the possibility of a data breach. The data lost can have a similar effect on any company, regardless of size.

Why Your Business Can Benefit From Professional Record Storage Services

In today’s day and age, security breaches and identity theft have become increasingly more common. Many businesses simply do not have the resources or expertise when it comes to properly managing information. Company files and physical documents often contain such important and confidential information that if leaked, could have detrimental effects on your company and it’s personnel.

Residential Shredding in Los Angeles for Your Personal Security

Open the newspaper every day, and you likely read about it. You can check your social media account and see instances of it happening to your friends and family all the time. The problem is identity theft, and it is running rampant in the United States today. The issues are far from isolated to corporate America. Every day individuals are finding their information getting stolen, putting you at risk for having your credit card information, banking information, Social Security card, health information and more stolen from you. Think about all the paperwork that comes through your home each day, and you will realize that residential shredding in Los Angeles is a necessity for your personal security.

What You Need To Know About Hard Drive Shredding

If you are getting rid of an old hard drive, simply throwing it out is not a secure method. Hard drives store large amounts of data such as emails, invoices, and other internal documents that can be easily accessed by hackers. In order to ensure that private data cannot be retrieved by outside personnel, it is important to go through a professional company to properly dispose of your documents.

Properly Disposing of Confidential Documents

Make this year, the year that you finally stick to your New Year's Resolution and declutter. From your home to your office, chances are, you’ve held onto hundreds of old documents and files that you no longer have any use for. Whether it is old phone bills or an outdated credit card statement, properly disposing of old documents not only clears up space but also protects you from becoming a victim of fraud or identity theft.

Your Business Needs Professional Shredding in Los Angeles

As the year comes to an end and you get ready to start another quarter or business year, it is time for you to start thinking about the documents you have in storage again. Periodic cleanups of your office can help you prevent feeling overwhelmed by old paperwork, and it allows you to destroy documentation you no longer need to hold onto for your business. The longer paperwork lays around, the greater at risk you become for security leaks and problems. Now is the perfect time for you to consider the professional shredding in Los Angeles we at South Bay Document Destruction can provide for your business.

The Importance of Proper Document Shredding in South Bay

All businesses, large and small, end up with piles of papers and documents that become outdated over time or that the business no longer has a use for. The problem becomes what to do with all this paperwork that you have around. In the past, most places would not think twice about tossing paperwork in the dumpster outside your building or tossing the paper into garbage bags with the day’s trash. In today’s world, that possibility is unthinkable, and you need to find safe and effective means to destroy your documents properly. It is important that you undertake proper document shredding in South Bay so you can be sure your company’s information does not fall into the wrong hands.

The Importance of Government Records Shredding in Los Angeles

We certainly live in the information age today, and most businesses and offices can feel like they get buried in information on a daily basis. Personal information becomes more and more a part of doing business today, particularly if you are a business like a medical facility or a business that maintains and processes any government records or information. While most offices today understand that it is good practice to shred documents when you want to get rid of them, it is important to know how you should handle sensitive information, what you need to keep, and what should be shredded for safety. There is high importance involved with government records shredding in Los Angeles, and you want to make sure your records are handled correctly and disposed of the correct way.

The Best Paper Shredding in RPV Los Angeles

If you are like most businesses, whether you are large or small, you have lots of documents and paperwork coming through the office each day. Invoices, financial statements, payroll information, client correspondence, product details and more come across your desk daily and while to file the documents appropriately, there comes a time where you might start to run out of room. You feel overrun by paperwork, much of it documents you may no longer need to store or want to store. Your best solution is to consider proper paper shredding and when you want quality, secure paper shredding in RPV Los Angeles, you want our help here at South Bay Document Destruction.

Now is the Perfect Time for a Shred Day in Los Angeles

Before you know it, it will be the end of another business year for you. This means looking forward to another successful year in business. It also means it is time for you to do something about the records you currently have in storage. The end of the year is always a good time to think about clearing out some of the clutter in your office. If you are like most offices, you have many boxes of files, documents, letters, meeting notes and more. And you may not be sure on what to do once their date of retention has passed. Now is the perfect time for you to schedule a shred day in Los Angles for your business, and here at South Bay Document Destruction, we can be just the service to assist you.

Keep Your Information Safe with Onsite Document Shredding

No matter what industry you are in, there are going to be important, sensitive documents that you have at your facility that you do not want to fall into the wrong hands. Personal documents and information like the minutes to board meetings, confidential correspondence with clients, customers or attorneys or employee information are just some of the examples of documents you likely have at your facility. The last thing you want is to have these documents simply tossed in the garbage where they could potentially fall into the wrong hands. The best way to keep your information and destroy it properly is by onsite document shredding we can provide for you here at South Bay Document Destruction.

A Mobile Shredding Company Makes Life Easier

When you own or operate a business, you know that paperwork is a natural part of what you and your staff do each day. Even in the digital age that we live in today, there is still a great deal of paperwork that you accumulate each day, and you may have requirements to hold onto records for years. Just about any business today likely has a stockpile of paperwork that they no longer need to have around but are unsure what they need to do to dispose of it properly and safely. You will want to look into using a mobile shredding company like ours at South Bay Document Destruction to help make your life easier.

How Paper Shredding in Los Angeles Affects Your Business

No matter what industry you are in or how large your business is, there is going to be paperwork that contains sensitive material along the way that you need to handle. While some of these documents may be things that you need to keep around, others can safely be disposed of after a period. The problem becomes finding a way to get rid of these documents safely, so the information does not get to someone else. Too many times today you hear about crucial information falling into the hands of thieves or those who wish to extort money from a business in some way. That is why professional paper shredding in Los Angeles as we offer at South Bay Document Destruction is so important to businesses today.

Is Off Site Shredding the Best Answer for You?

Document shredding is a standard part of any business today. It not only is necessary to help you protect your information but in some businesses, legal regulations require that documents be shredded properly for privacy and security reasons. With that in mind, you need to find an efficient way to get rid of the documents at your facility that you no longer need to hold. There are options available to you when it comes to shredding, including doing it yourself, getting a mobile service to come to your location or letting a service take your documents away for shredding. You need to decide if off site shredding is the best answer for you to suit your needs before you make a final decision.

Why Shred Your Documents With South Bay Document Destruction

Shredding your documents can be a dull and repetitive task for a seemingly little result. However, it is one of the most important parts of paperwork. Shredding your documents protects confidentiality and ensures no information can be stolen.  If you have documents piling up, it’s probably best to hire a document shredding company;  a professional shredding company will save you time and money.  This is great if you need tax record shredding as it can safely and confidentially destroy your tax documents making sure no one gets your information. There’s plenty of reasons to shred your documents and they can vary depending on who you are.

You Know it is Time for Purge Shredding

There comes a time in any business or office where you realize you may have more paperwork around than you know what to do with. While there is always a need to store certain important documents for a period safely, there is also a time where you can dispose of your old records and paperwork without worry. Look around your office and in your storage areas and see if there is a stockpile of paperwork building up and you will know it is time for you to act. Now is as good a time as any for you to schedule purge shredding for your office, and  South Bay Document Destruction is the best company to assist you with your efforts.

Confidential Shredding For Sensitive Documents

Managing documents with sensitive information is an everyday task for most businesses, these days.  Shredding is the proper way to dispose of sensitive information so that no unsavory characters get their hands on information that could wreak havoc on your business, customers and even employees. Confidentiality and security is a must for any business; however, keeping information private is not as straightforward as it seems and most employees receive little or no information security training. At South Bay Document Destruction we work with companies to ensure that their confidential documents remain secure before they are destroyed. Read on to learn more about why South Bay Document Destruction provides the best confidential shredding for sensitive documents.

Onsite Document Destruction Service

These days, every business has sensitive information about themselves or their customers that could cause real damage if they information fell into the wrong hands. The mishandling of documents that contain valuable information about your clients can result in a mountain of lawsuits, not to mention negative word of mouth. It may be tempting to try and destroy the documents yourself to save money.  However, many employees tasked with the responsibility of destroying sensitive documents will rush through the process and end up leaving sensitive documents exposed to the world and not completely destroyed; which is why it is essential to trust a professional document destruction service with your company’s sensitive documents. Read on to learn more about why South Bay Document Destruction is the best onsite document destruction service that your customer can use for their security.

The Best Orange County Paper Shredding Service

Trust is hands down the most important value in clients relations when owning a company that deals with sensitive documents. If clients do not trust you with their sensitive documents, they will take their business elsewhere. At South Bay Document Destruction, we know how important  trust is between you and your clients; we work to help you build that trust. We provide our clients with impeccable paper shredding services and guarantee our clients' privacy. Read on to learn why South Bay Document Destruction is considered the best Orange county paper shredding service.

Document Shredding Services That You Can Trust

Your business deals with sensitive information on a regular basis, it is crucial to have a secure method of disposing this information, efficiently. If sensitive information that your business was trusted with gets into the wrong hands, your company can be slapped with a lawsuit that can ruin your company. At South Bay Document Destruction we secure your sensitive documents so that your clients can trust you've taken every possible step to keep them safe. Read on to learn why South Bay Document Destruction is the best document shredding service for your company’s sensitive documents.

Make Earth Day your Shred Day

It is said that when the rate of recycling hits 75% there will be 1.5 million more jobs created in the United States of America; which is why at South Bay Document Destruction we fully believe that helping the Earth is the best way to help the human race overall. We want to turn your Earth Day into an extravaganza of shredding for your entire office building. With the recent passing of Earth Day and Tax season coming to an end fit is more than likely, that your business has accumulated a lot of clutter due to the excess of sensitive documents. Allow South Bay Document Destruction to provide you with eco-friendly paper shredding that will prepare your documents for secure recycling, so you can help the environment. If you are interested in learning more about South Bay Document Destruction and how to turn your shred day into an homage to Earth Day read on.

Document Shredding Needs to be Part of Every Records Management Plan

We hear about it all the time: fraud, theft and data breaches occur in business organizations and government agencies because proper security procedures were not established or followed. The last thing you want is your reputation to get ruined because client information, contracts, employee information or documents related to dealings you have with government agencies was made public and could have been avoided if you'd just included document shredding in your organization's record's management plan.

The Importance of Tax Records Shredding

Tax Records Shredding

As a business owner, you know that the security of your business, its records, and paperwork are of the utmost importance. Laws require you to hold onto specific documents for a certain number of years for record-keeping purposes, but once that time has lapsed, do you know how you should properly dispose of all of these documents? Paperwork like the tax records for your business is necessary to you for several years, but once this time has passed, you want to have a way to dispose of the records safely. Tax records shredding is an important process for you to consider and you want it performed by a company you can rely on like us at South Bay Document Destruction.

Take Care of Product Destruction the Best Way Possible

Product Destruction

When you produce any type of product – whether it is toys, manufacturing items, apparel, or something else – you always want to make sure that every item that goes out and reaches the public is the best it can be. Your name is on each product that leaves your facility, and with everything that goes out, your reputation goes on the line with it. All it takes is one small defect or problem to occur with an item, and it can ruin your business. That is why quality control is so important to you today. If you have a product that poses a potential problem or liability, it is up to you to make sure it gets disposed of properly. You want to take care of product destruction the best way possible to avoid any potential problems for your business.