8 Benefits of Digitizing Data for Your Business

Posted by david on Sep 30, 2018 2:45:28 PM

Businesses are always looking for more ways to increase productivity. As a company grows, it generates more paperwork. In order to deal with the growing amount of paperwork without sacrificing production, a company must have an efficient document management system in place. A digitized system can save space and time that could be spent on more important tasks than filing and searching through mountains of documents.

Although you cannot eliminate all the paperwork from your office, many documents can be scanned and stored digitally rather than printed and kept in a filing cabinet. Digital versions of documents are safe and easy to store for retrieval by your staff at any time. Here are eight reasons why digitizing your data can help improve the day-to-day operations of your business.

Enhanced Productivity

With paper files, it takes the average employee more than 10 minutes to find the document they are looking for. Businesses that implement a plan to scan and digitize documents can better enable employees to locate the paperwork they need throughout the day, which leads to greater productivity that directly translates to an increased bottom line.

Instant Access

With digitized data, you gain the technological benefit of being able to access your data whenever you need it. With a few finger swipes or clicks of a computer mouse, you can get to any document in your digital data repository. Your staff can access documents on the go because an electronic document management system allows employees to use mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers to instantly retrieve the documents they need to get their work done.

Enhanced Security

Digitization gives you the ability to track your documents and ensure that only authorized personnel has access to specific files. Additionally, secure protocols help keep your data protected against unauthorized access and hackers. The digitizing of your documents is completed along with a digitally tight chain of custody.

That means that you know who has accessed what documents via a digital time stamp. This digital access protocol even lets you know who was unauthorized and may have attempted to access a document, even if that attempt was from someone who has restricted access to other files.

Cost Savings

Digitized data is also very cost-effective. With a digitized document management system in place, your document storage costs will be much lower than the physical storage cost that some other storage companies charge. For mere pennies per document, your business can gain a secure platform for managing your data.


Less Need for Physical Storage

When a company generates significant amounts of paperwork, it also needs to find a place to keep it all. This is often done through third-party physical storage providers who keep documents in an off-site location. While most of these companies provide excellent services, it can sometimes take days or weeks to retrieve your documents from their storage facilities.

With digitized data, on the other hand, you don't have to worry about another organization's timetable when you need a specific file because you'll always have instant access to the documents you need. Digitization gives any permitted client the ability to find documents quickly and efficiently from a secure digital interface and repository.

Improved Organization

As documents are scanned and digitized, their information is indexed, and metadata for that information is stored in a database. That same metadata is made searchable with this process. This means that with digitized records, there's no need to hunt through documents looking for some specific piece of information.

By digitizing your data, you gain the ability to search the database and the metadata to find the document you are looking for quickly and easily. Just like you use a search engine to find information on the internet, you can search your repository of documents to find the specific information that you are looking for.

Space Savings

Throughout the course of a day, a month, and then a year, the amount of paper used by a business can grow significantly. What to do with that paper becomes a space-management problem. With digitized data, that problem is easily solved. Scanning those papers creates portable versions of the documents (e.g., Microsoft Word, Google Docs, PDF, etc.) that are easy to share, retrieve, or print without the need for filing cabinets and other physical storage solutions.

Reducing Waste

In addition to improving efficiency, digital document management is environmentally friendly. The more that you use computers for your document management, your business will rely on paper. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average office worker handles over 10,000 paper documents a year. This translates to a lot of waste that can be avoided through document digitization.

Reducing waste and paper use is another area where cost savings can grow. By being more "green" in this way, your business also spends less on paper, storage space, and other requirements of physically maintaining your papers and/or files. By being good for the environment and good for business, digital document management is a "win-win" type of situation.

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