3 Ways You Can Shred with South Bay Document Destruction

Posted by david on Oct 2, 2019 5:00:00 AM


We at South Bay Document Destruction make it easy for you to have your documents professionally shredded. You are able to choose from mobile shredding, onsite shredding services, or take advantage of our drop-off services. We also offer shredding for digital media and x-rays. South Bay Shredding also provides product destruction, including the destruction of discontinued products and product overruns.

Documents that you should shred include anything with personal information on them, even if it’s your mailing address. Fill the secure bins and we’ll come to you, or you can bring the containers to us for shredding.

On Site Shredding Services

We will come to you to shred your documents on site. Our truck makes shredding on site easy and safe. You will be able to watch your documents as we transfer them from your office to our truck. We also provide you with a certificate of destruction once the documents are shredded. On site shredding services are good for offices with high volumes of shredding, including attorneys’ offices and accounting offices.

With on site shredding services, your documents are immediately destroyed. This means that the documents are shredded even before they leave your property. Although we will provide you with a video recording of your documents being destroyed if you choose off site shredding service, you have the benefit of seeing the documents being shredded in person in addition to getting the certificate of destruction.

We will come out as often or as little as you need. For example, a large business that is required to keep records for seven years may require our services once a month if that business has thousands of clients while a small business may need our services each quarter or twice per year. An individual that is purging old documents may need us to come out once every year.

Off Site Shredding Services

Plant-based shredding or offsite shredding is also available. We come to your location and pick up your documents. We then transport the documents to our warehouse where we will shred your documents. Shredding off site provides imminent, though not immediate, destruction. Documents may be held for hours or even days before they are shredded.

Off site shredding services also provides a DVR of the video surveillance of your documents being destroyed. Finally, because there are many steps to off site shredding, many people will handle the documents—from those who pick up the documents, to those who catalog your bins and finally, the people who shred your documents.

Drop Off Services

We also provide drop off services. The process is similar to off site shredding services, except you drop your documents off instead of having us pick them up. Regardless of the type of shredding services you choose, once you set up an account with us, we’ll set you up with secure collection containers. We have carts, containers and consoles, depending on the number of documents you average per pickup time. Our consoles are cubes that look good in any office.

Contact South Bay Document Destruction

As professional shredders, we are held to the same document protection standards you are held to. Your documents never leave your secure containers until they are dumped into our cross cut shredder. Contact South Bay Document Destruction for residential shredding services and commercial shredding services.

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